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My Child’s First Visit To The Dentist

Dr. German Ramírez recommends parents to bring their children to Aurora Kids Dentistry soon after birth.

Nutrition for a good dental health

Correct nutrition plays a crucial role in the craniofacial growth and development

Effective tips to improve your child’s dental and oral hygiene

As a parent you have so much to teach your children. It is in the early years that you set the example

Books for Before a Dentist Visit

All of these books and more can be found at Amazon or you can visit your local library or book store.

Eggs vs Breakfast Cereal – Go With Your Heart

Have you been sold that low carb / high protein breakfast cereals make for a healthier breakfast than eggs?

Around the 6th birthday, most children lose their first tooth

Around the 6th birthday, most children lose their first tooth and this is a big deal for most children.

Parenting in the Digital Era

No other topic in the world could raise a tsunami of opinions, judgements, beliefs and arguments as parenting.

Why does my child need dental sealants?

Did you know that the chewing surfaces of your teeth are not flat?

It is very important to breathe properly from birth

Is it important to breathe properly from birth? Should I bring my new born to Aurora Kids Dentistry to have their nasal breathing evaluated?

How to prepare your children for a dental treatment

Our aim is to ensure that you and your child will find the first visit and all visits to our office for dental treatment to be comfortable and rewarding as possible.

Attention All Mouth Breathers!

If you’re in the list of chronic mouth breathers because of a stuffy nose, you’re not alone.

The importance of the caries risk assessment

Nutrition and Dentistry go hand in hand.

Here in this video Dr German Ramirez and Dr. Barry Rubinoff explain what Aurora Kids Dentistry can do for your child`s overall health.

When is the best time to correct crooked teeth?

Watch this short video where Dr. Ramirez explains the treatments available at Aurora Kids Dentistry to prevent and correct crooked teeth at any time.

Mouth Breathing: Physical, Mental and Emotional Consequences

Please read the entire article “Mouth Breathing: Physical, Mental and Emotional Consequences” and watch our video for an in-depth view of Mouth Breathing and the effects it will have on you and your child!

Juice is number One Cause of Cavities

Your child’s baby teeth are vital to a lifetime of happy smiles and healthy eating.

Severe Craniofacial Pain Patient

From the age of 9, Haven lived on a soft diet. For four years she literally could not open her mouth to eat.

The Evolution of Pediatric Dentistry, Importance of Technological Advancements

The world of pediatric dentistry is rapidly evolving, with new technologies revolutionizing how dental care is provided to children. From digital diagnostics to pain-free treatments

Soothing and Slumber Dentistry: Guaranteeing Relaxing Dental Visits for Children

Dental visits can be a daunting experience for children. To ensure a comfortable and anxiety-free visit, sedation and sleep dentistry play a crucial role. Aurora Kids Dentistry, led by the renowned Dr. Nasim, is at the forefront of providing these essential services in Canada

Children's Dental Anxiety: Could Parents be the Cause?

Dental visits can be intimidating for children, often filled with uncertainty and fear. As we explore this phenomenon, one intriguing question arises

Keeping Smiles Bright: Navigating Kids' Oral Health During the Holidays

Discover essential tips for maintaining your child's oral health amidst holiday festivities.

Unlocking Smiles: The Role of Genetics in Your Child's Oral Health

Just as genetics play a crucial role in determining eye color, height, and other physical traits, they also influence the health and development of your child's teeth and gums.